Thursday, 19 February 2009

Alias Empire (The Band Formerly Known As Dry County)

Alias Empire are a four piece electronic/dance band based in Dublin. Their name may not be fully familiar right now but you may remember them as Dry County (R.I.P). 
The band recently came to the decision to change their name after a finding a band in Canada that shared their label and they also agreed that the name Dry County didn't quite fit how the band's music had developed from when they first started out. So its Alias Empire and one thing is clear, they have not changed in their vivacity as a band as they are currently in the middle of putting together their second long player due out in the latter part  of 2009.
Their live shows carry a strong audio visual treat and with the new band name and a tonne of new songs you can expect to see them back on the road again very soon.
In the meantime head over to their MySpace player and get a hint of what is to come

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