Sunday, 15 March 2009

Q-Tip live @ The Button Factory, Dublin: Review.

After witnessing this gig, I will say this and stand by it, Q-Tip is the James Brown of rap.

The energy he exerts and the power of his performance from start to finish was incredibly exciting. The crowd at the beginning of the night were their usual stubborn selves, being slow to to get into things but by the last few songs there was pretty much a mosh pit in front of me. Q-Tip had the whole crowd in a dazzled lock step, copying his every move, bound in his spell. Every posture and ad-lib transmitted a confidence and swagger which all lovers of hip hop seek. The difference here is that Q-Tip had earned it and didn't need to posture idly, we were all in the presence of a master at work.

One thing that spoke powerfully at he gig was the diversity of the audience. Although it was safe to say White Harlem was in the building, there were people of all walks with a mutual respect and they had all come to witness a true artist perform.

Running through new material and then seamlessly knocking out old skool hits to the erupting delight of the audience, this was a well selected set. The exceptional band all clearly had Jazz training and this points to the hard work of rappers like Q-Tip connecting the two cultures in an effort to keep them vital to younger music fans.
Solos from the band were bright but not indulgent and flowed back into the main groove comfortably. The notable edition of a DJ with some crafty scratching was the icing on the cake.
A tasty show for all!

Review By Ian Lysaght


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