Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Bumblebeez-Misfit: Video

Another Australian band I like but have remained under the radar at this end of the globe is Bumblebeez. The band are brother and sister Chris and Pia Colonna and their friend, Jarrah Kidd who provides their guitar sounds, in their non traditional cut and paste technique when morphing hip hop and rock together. Before you run away with your hands over your ears praying that there is not another Aerosmith Vs Run DMC on the way, then panic over as this band are more left of centre than that.
Bumblebeez are currently signed to
Modular and recording their next album but in the mean time they have dropped Misfit on us. An unusual blend of noises make up this track including a Nintendo DSi which is used quite effectively. The video to accompany the song is even more unique and tells the story about a gifted misfit (weirdly enough) trying to "find his place in the world".
Definitely worth a watch.

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