Thursday, 15 October 2009

Midnight Juggernauts-This New Technology Video

My favourite Aussies Midnight Juggernauts are back with the wonderfully trippy, This New Technology, a prismatic synth pop track that at first, I must admit I wasn't too gone on.

After loving the superb Dystopia with all it's brilliance in the shape of Into The Galaxy, Tombstone and Shadows, I really hoped they would come back with something pretty great and I think they nearly have.The video itself reflects the psychotropic nature of the track and they have evolved further into a spaced out, synth pop band that would enjoy an episode or two of the Crystal Maze but I think it suits them. Let's hope the new album due out next year is up to par.

You can buy This New Technology EP on iTunes and it's worth it for the Nile Delta remix alone. Also check out the Emperor Machine remix on

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