Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Video: Shobaleader One - Megazine

Squarepusher has joined a band or at least created one with "a bunch of people you may or not have heard of from other bands and projects" called Shobaleader One. In and interview over on the Warp Records site, Tom Jenkins reveals the aim of Shobaleader One "The overall aim is to articulate my music through the medium of a band. I always thought that a band would be a limiting thing. I've got very used to being able to make music by programming or playing without having to explain anything to anyone, and I assumed it would slow everything down if I had to. Actually it has made it quicker because I'm not trying to be four people simultaneously any more".

The first track to get some airing from the their first full length LP d'Demonstrator, is Megazine. A little like Daft Punk if they combined some heavy metal riffs with their electro disco madness - which I like. 
d'Demonstrator is out now on Warp Records.

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