Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Free Clark Phrenic Mix Download

Ahead of his Button Factory gig on February 4th, Clark has just dropped a brand new MPC DJ mix on us. It was broadcast on 6Music last week and he now put it up on Soundcloud for us all to enjoy! As quoted from the Warp Records website Clark says of the mix:
"So I thought I was just innocently putting some of my favourite dancefloor material together for DJ sets, then found out via dirty wildfire rumors in Berlin, that all of a sudden I had a "secret side project going on", I was collaborating with Chicago Jack-House legends such as Waxmaster Maurice and DJ Hyperactive. Haha. "That could be ace" thought I. So without a few artists consent I decided to collaborate. Collaborations are always best when you sneak in from the side and shadow-box peoples tracks so they end up having a signature of your own.
A lot of that material is so deliciously stripped that it proved ripe to be embellished with the analogue machine-funk I was riffing out in the studio at the time.

There we go. Boom. Hope you enjoy it."
The tracklisting for the Phrenic Mix is as follows:

Clark - Dulceria Remix
Neil Landstrumm - Index Revisited
Cajmere - Only 4 U (Instrumental Edit)
DJ Hyperactive - Teeter-Totter
Thomas Kroner - Woodcarver
Surgeon - 9 Hours Into The Future
Actress - Let's Fly
Paris Mitchell - Ghetto Shout (Clark Edit)
Waxmaster Maurice - Tha Wop
Dorian Concept - Trilingual Sex Experience
Bernard Purdie - Disco Beat
Clark - Dirty Pixie
Clark – Untitled 

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