Monday, 18 May 2009

Broken Social Scene back in the studio.

Great! Some good news to wake me from a hazy Monday morning.
The Broken Social Scene are currently back in the studio recording their 3rd studio album. On the bands blog Kevin Drew gushed enthusiastically about how the band
"spent the last couple of weeks at Chuck Spearin’s house/rehearsal space/backyard writing tunes, drinking coffees, hanging with the family...and now its time for the record button". The BSS are recording their new material with John McEntire of Tortoise and The Sea & Cake fame at Soma studio's in Chicago, where Drew said of McEntire "he is a hero of ours when it comes to recordings so it seems very balanced that we are here". Happy Days and let's hope they make it back over here when they decide to tour this end of the world again.
You can read the rest of Kevin Drew's blog entry HERE

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