Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The Noises In Our Heads present Incommunicado live @ The Lower Deck June 18th.

So here it is...our first gig night is happening in The Lower Deck on June 18th 2009 starring three up and coming musical delights to fill your ears. First up is Incommunicado, the brain child of Andrew Cooke (yes he does do the odd review on this site) who began writing and composing music a number of years back while in college in Trinity. He is a bass player at heart but likes to experiment with synths, strings, drums, guitars and anything that influences his strange and wonderful musical idea's. Since beginning these adventures he recruited a number of talented folk to play alongside him and now they play with more equipment on stage to possibly rival local friends Halves.

Also on the bill on the night is Jennifer Evans & The Ripe Intent. Local folk and blues tress Jennifer Evans can stun you into silence with her powerful vocal and as a self taught musician her influences range from Patti Smith and Sandy Denny to Jimi Hendrix. She recently recorded a version of Dusty Springfield's classic 'Goin' Back' for the current ESB TV ad campaign.

Lastly is the weird ramblings of Slurps who intend on bringing curious indie proceeding to the night with some glamourama galore.

Tax in on the night is €7.00 and it would be nice to see some of you there.

Incommunicado-Midsummers Night MP3

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