Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Amanda Blank-I Love You Album Review

Titled I Love You you would expect this release to focus on emotions, intimacy, relationship struggles etc. It doesn't. This album is concerned primarily with getting our arses on the dance floor and rap along to lyrics like "Tryin'-a get up in my pussy and smash. I'm Beyoncé, independent woman, handle that" without letting their raunchiness put us off.

As an entire work Amanda Blank's debut doesn't stand out. There are, however, some great highlights such as Might Like you Better and Shame on Me. The latter featuring purred vocals reminiscent of the best of Miss Kitten or a grown up Lady Ga Ga and is personally the best on the album. For those into their dirty electro it's a must listen.

Unfortunately, there are low points such as Love Song. It sits uncomfortably in the middle of the 33 minute album, slows down the pace and asks us to ignore all the foregone sexually driven lyrics in an attempt to display her own sensitive side.

Blank excels when indulging her M.I.A style rapping, but, when her singing voice is let loose, it manages to impresses with honey sweet vocals that make her more than just another female rapper lost in the mix. Her voice is beautifully utilised on the Lykke Li collaboration Leaving you Behind and then it closes with I Love you, a wonderfully girly high note.

Review by Liz Duffey

Amanda Blank I Love You is out now on Downtown Records.

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