Friday, 27 November 2009

Maximo Park-Let's Get Clinical (Clark Remix)

Chris Clark's nebulous and frenzied electronic style has earned him a few fans since his Clarence Park album was released on Warp Records in 2001 and this was pretty much proved when he played to a packed crowd at the DEAF festival last month.

Totem's Flare released earlier this year, gathered him a new breed of followers, but it's hard to say if his remix of Maximo Park's Let's Get Clinical will do him any favours. Don't get me wrong I think it's a cracking remix that makes an average track really good, I just can't really see the majority of Maximo Park fans who love their indie pop getting this.

A fine remix for a Friday. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

rather like this remix,a bit Kraftwerk there somewhere.

The Noises In Our Heads said...

Yeah I get the Kraftwerk element there a bit. I think it also has touches of Luke Vibert's style too.