Thursday, 8 January 2009

Dead Wrong

Dublin has never been a place lacking in original musical input, there is a long standing tradition of bands, musicians, singer song writers, bards and more from Dublin’s fair city. They only thing it may have ever lacked is diversity. Not to say Dublin’s always been straight-up with no edgy undertones at all, quite the contrary, bands like the Gorehounds and the musical insanity of Daniel Figgis is testament to an Ireland willing to experiment. The only problem is that music of ‘difference’ has always been outnumbered and un-listened to, cursed to share the shadows with every other band on the peripheries.

A few years ago however a number of young punk and hardcore fans decided to build themselves a little scene to house gigs and encourage musical growth, it’s not for everyone and some older punks might stick up their nose at it, but it certainly works for them.

The latest band to emerge from this hardcore DIY conglomerate is Dublin’s DEAD WRONG whose latest demo has just become available by download. Dead Wrong are no frills hardcore, straight and to the point. The sound brings me back to the mid eighties bands who dominated the states, in my opinion the glory days of hardcore punk. In a worldwide scene awash with copycat bands Dead Wrong manage to sound fresh and energetic in a genre that’s been long recycled and repeated. One can only hope they reproduce the sonic performance of their EP live and I for one look forward to their first full release. Watch this space.

EP available at

Catch them playing live on January 14th in Fibbers supporting The Carrier [Boston, MA]

Review by Patrick Fennelly

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